Rockville Centre Personal Injury attorneys will take the time to make sure you fully understand your personal injury case and help you feel comfortable during the whole legal process. They are exceptionally qualified to handle any type of personal injury case as they have many years of experience with different kinds of personal injury Rockville Centre lawyer cases, which have had favorable outcomes.


The first thing you should do when you have a Rockville Centre personal injury attorney case is to prove the person who caused your injury was careless and negligent. You must also prove that you suffered physical and emotional damages or a combination thereof. If it is proven that it is partially your own personal negligence or carelessness that helped to cause your injury, then you would not be eligible to receive anything monetarily. This is called the rule of contributory negligence, which is a doctrine that is followed in most states.


Another thing that you should know with personal injury Rockville Centre attorneys is that you usually have a statute of limitations of 2 years to file a lawsuit for your losses in most cases.

Even though personal injury Rockville Centre lawyers are sometimes referred to as “Trial Lawyers” or “Plaintiff Attorneys”, many of their cases are settled by negotiations with the Insurance company’s instead of going through lengthy trials, because our firm is so great and thorough at researching all angles of each case and the various potential results, depending upon how the case is handled. Each personal injury case is worked on in a way that is trial ready, regardless of whether it is expected to go to trial or not, which improves the chance for a quick and reasonable settlement.